Course Feedback

Latest Feedback from December 2017

"The trainer was superb, very informative and knowledgeable."

"An excellent two days, I highly recommend this course."

"Overall it was great, I have learnt lots that will really help me in the future."

Feedback from November 2017

"Very good trainer and she was very helpful and friendly."

"The trainer was excellent, professional, approachable and friendly."

"A very insightful course that will be put to very good use when I get back to delivering training."

Feedback from September 2017

"The trainer was fantastic, really put the class at ease from day one."

"I have been training for 10 years, and have picked up so much good advice."

"Really positive course, my confidence in delivering training has greatly improved."

Feedback from October 2017

"Super course, really glad to get the qualification."

"Very beneficial for my work, can now start implementing the changes to my lesson plans."

"A great two days."

"Very useful, have a greater idea of how to deliver good effective training."

Feedback from July 2017

"A relaxed environment and a steady pace."

"The course was extremely helpful, the trainer (Chris) made the group feel at ease."

"Overall a very enjoyable course."

"Very well organised and presented. The trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly."

"This course has given me an immense amount of confidence towards my training skills. Thank you."

Feedback from May 2017

"A very organised course, trainer was very easy to follow and talk to."

"Trainer very calm and knowledgeable, thank you very much."

"Really enjoyed and look forward to learning more in the future, thanks."

"Well structured and well organised."

"I found the course very good and learnt a lot that has benefitted my role in work."

Feedback from April 2017

"I feel far more confident in delivering my own training at work."

"A very nice group of people, a fun course with practical skills."

"Learned how to develop lesson plans and how to structure training for informal/formal settings."

"The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable which put the group at ease."

Feedback from March 2017

"Thank you, very helpful course that will have a big impact on my job role."

"I really enjoyed the course and feel it will benefit my role, and its easily applicable to my work."

"Felt very supported and listened to if I had any queries. Lovely trainer and very knowledgeable."

"Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and stimulating."

"Excellent course, really well delivered."

Feedback from February 2017

"Very happy with course delivery and content. I have had 2 days of valuable training - very enjoyable."

"A brilliant course."

"Super two days, great group and trainer. Thank you for the support - got a lot from it."

"Extremely useful and enjoyable course."

"Thank you for making it fun and relaxed."

"Very useful course. The trainer made us all feel comfortable to interact. Taken lots of learning away to enable me to train colleagues. Would definitely recommend this course to others."

Feedback from December 2016

"Very good session, this will help me in the future of my own training courses."

"Had the chance to present and hear feedback, the trainer was very relaxed and informative and put all at ease."

"Small group was helpful and tailored to support our needs."

"Extremely useful and enjoyable course."

Feedback from October 2016

"Really enjoyed the trainer, the trainer was very approachable, humble and easy going, which made me feel at ease with the training and assessment."

"The content is perfect for those new to training and I have learned a lot to take with me. Thank you!"

"Training was very good, exceeded my expectations. I will find this very helpful in the future."

"Excellent level of training."

Feedback from August 2016

"Enjoyable course, right pace to learn."

"A very enjoyable beneficial course, thank you."

"Found the trainers insight and feedback to be extremely useful and will incorporate into future training."

"A very good two days."

Feedback from June 2016

"Good course, well placed and questions answered."

"Chris proved to be an excellent trainer, with good knowledge and experienced."

"Really enjoyed my two days."

"Good course, good mixture of attendees from different organisations."

Feedback from May 2016

"Brilliant trainer."

"Very good course, well presented."

"The trainer was excellent, I very much appreciated the time he spent with all of the group and making it a supportive learning environment."

"I thought the course was fantastic and will really benefit me with delivering training in the future."

"Great course, very easy to talk to the trainer."

"The pace of the course was perfect and so was the delivery and content, thanks."

Feedback from April 2016

"Very useful in the construction and delivery of training."

"The trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable on the subject, was able to answer questions and facilitate very useful discussions. Thank you!"

"Class size and course content was very good."

"A superb course, one of the best I have ever attended."

Feedback from January 2016

>"I enjoyed the 2 days. Achieved something I thought I wouldn't be able to do."

"A very enjoyable 2 days."

Very useful and well taught, thanks a lot."

"Excellent, well presented course."

Feedback from December 2015

"The trainer was helpful and gave positive feedback that I will find useful in my new role."

"Really enjoyed it, would recommend."

"All over a very good course."

"Excellent course, really enjoyed it."

Feedback from November 2015

"A very insightful course, thanks."

"Very good course, feel really motivated and more confident in training now."

"A well delivered course."

"A good and informative training course that has given me lots of good ideas and tips for the future."

Feedback from October 2015

"The handouts were really useful and the course content was great overall."

"Helped me to understand what is needed for a training session to run smoothly and effectively."

"Trainer was excellent, personable, knowledgeable and informative. The course was enjoyable and good fun!"

"The trainer was superb, really made the past 2 days an enjoyable experience."

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Take a look at what our delegates said about their experience on our courses. For more feedback from our courses please take a look at our extensive feedback. We always take feedback we receive very seriously as we strive to make our courses even better.

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Accreditation is becoming increasingly important, and ensures that the training course structure, material and moderation all exceed a strictly enforced educational standard. Furthermore by choosing an accredited training course you can ensure that your investment of time and money is genuinely recognised. Accredited courses can give you or your employer a nationally recognised benchmark for competency levels that can be verified by a professional body.

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