Presentation Skills Training Course in Bridgend

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Price: £175.00 | Duration: 1 Day | Ref: PSA | Venue: Bridgend

Presentation Skills Training Course in Cardiff

Presentation Skills - Course Overview

It's not a's a performance. The world's very presenters know that a successful presentation is based on delivering a story not a series of stats, graphs and bullet points. Our one-day Presentation Skills training course in Bridgend has been specially designed by looking at the presentation methods used by Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Malcom Gladwell & Dr Randy Pausch. Performances that trigger the imagination and live long in the memory of the audience.

The first part of our Presentation Skills training course in Bridgend focusses on the 3 core elements of the presentation itself:

  • Crafting the story

  • Designing the visuals

  • Rehearsing

The second part of our course focusses on the presenter and the audience. Standing up and delivering a presentation to a large or small group of people can be a very daunting prospect. We have a range of easy to follow techniques that will help you control nerves and anxieties enabling you to deliver a successful performance.

Presentation Skills - Course Dates 2018

14th June 2018 | Bridgend | £175.00 | Enquire Now

Presentation Skills Models

Presentation Skills - Course Content

  • What a presentation is and is not

  • What makes for an effective presentation and how to plan for it

  • Crafting a beginning, middle and end

  • Utilising the power of emotions to create memories

  • The basics of successful visual aids and handouts

  • Basic physiology and vocalisation tips and techniques

  • Understanding nerves and how to control them

Who is this course for?

Our Presentation Skills training course in Bridgend is for those who are new to presenting and those who have limited experience. It would also be useful for delegates who wish to hone their skills and learn about new techniques and strategies. This course can be applied to a range of situations such as sales pitches, conference speeches, seminars, business pitches, team pitches and business reports.

Client List

Course Dates

14th June 2018

Have a Question?

If you have any questions regarding our training courses then please feel free to call us on 01656 737349 from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4:30pm. Or complete the contact form.


Customised Content

We will work with you to develop the material to ensure it reaches the knowledge and expertise your staff require. We can tailor Presentation Skills learning objectives so you get exactly the right course delivered for you and your organisation.

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Training Brochure 2018

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In-house training

In-House Training

If several people in your organisation need this Presentation Skills course then an in-house programme is likely to be the most effective training option. Our in-house programmes are simple to arrange and training can be run from your own premises or we will help you select a suitable venue offsite. With all our training courses there are no hidden costs.

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