Time Management Training Course in Cardiff

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Price: £120.00 | Duration: 0.5 Day | Ref: TM | Venue: Cardiff

Time Management Training Course in Cardiff

Time Management - Course Overview

On successful completion of this half-day Time Management training course in Cardiff you will be able to prioritise tasks and how to break down mental blocks of procrastination which is critical in overcoming time obstacles, you will also be able to make immediate changes to your current situation. By adopting the principals of this course you will not only improve your time management but will also see additional health benefits including increased confidence and a reduction in harmful stress.

Managing time is a fundamental skill that every organisation needs from its personnel. Inefficient time management can have a greater and long term impact on an organisations performance especially if it is allowed to persist. Our Time Management training course in Cardiff tackles a variety of issues relating to how a person uses and plans their time. We take an analytical approach to solving a person's time management issues, allowing them to discover what is currently going wrong and how they can rectify it. We look at four common areas of the workplace environment (personal mindset, workplace responsibilities, outside influences and organising the workload).

Time Management - Course Dates 2018

18th May 2018 | Cardiff | £120.00 | Enquire Now

Time Management - Course Content

During this Time Management training course in Cardiff you will cover the following topics:

Time obstacles: Identifying common time wasting obstacles and overcoming them. Developing and planning your schedule so that tasks are broken down into more manageable quantities.

Roles and responsibilities: Understanding your job role and managing yourself and others to perform more effectively, this includes how to delegate responsibilities in the workplace.

Planning your time: The benefits of organisation. Using management diaries and to-do lists to prioritise large and small tasks. Ensuring that spare time is also used productively.

Managing your workstation: Learn how to organise your desk, computer, other ICT devices and how to file information so that you have everything at your fingertips.

Time matrix: Learn how to decide which tasks should be prioritised by incorporating the very effective Time Matrix system into your daily routine.

Procrastination: Understand why you procrastinate and how you can overcome it, so that you work smarter and more efficiently.

Dealing with interruptions & distractions: Common interruptions, developing interruptions log, saying 'no' assertively, efficient work environment, making the best of team meetings.

Motivation: Developing goals, positive thinking and building on success.

Time Management Model

Who is this course for?

This Time Management training course in Cardiff is for anybody who wants to improve their self-management skills by becoming more efficient and successfully prioritising their workload. It is ideal for those who work in an office environment and work as part of a team. It is also useful and appropriate for a range of work grades.

Latest Course Feedback

Feedback plays a pivotal part of our Learning Process, it ensures that we maintain the standards that we have set and that further improvements can be made. Take a look at our latest feedback from our last Time Management training course in Cardiff:

"I was able to make alterations to my work pattern that allowed me to start completing my tasks before the deadline."

"Great course, trainer was very knowledgeable and put everyone at ease."

"Plenty of practical solutions that will be very helpful to me."

"Glad I attended, was a bit apprehensive at first but feel like I can now take this information and put it to good use."

"Very good training and excellent discussions."

"Didn't realise how my procrastinating was impacting on my work, ready to go back and change the way I work."

"It was interactive, fun tasks at the right time."

Client List

Course Dates

18th May 2018

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If you have any questions regarding our training courses then please feel free to call us on 01656 737349 from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4:30pm. Or complete the contact form.

Training to Reality

Phil's Story - Case Study

See how Phil used this Time Management training, by taking a look at our new series of case studies 'Training 2 Reality'.

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Customised Content

We will work with you to develop the material to ensure it reaches the knowledge and expertise your staff require. We can tailor Time Management learning objectives so you get exactly the right course delivered for you and your organisation.

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In-house training

In-House Training

If several people in your organisation need this Time Management course then an in-house programme is likely to be the most effective training option. Our in-house programmes are simple to arrange and training can be run from your own premises or we will help you select a suitable venue offsite. With all our training courses there are no hidden costs.

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